Selling beauty products on Amazon

Selling beauty products on Amazon can be a very lucrative business. Surely this is what many sellers have have known for a long time, making the marketplace one of the world’s most well-stocked places for skincare products.

However, before diving enthusiastically into the sector, remember that selling cosmetics on Amazon is not like selling any other product. The marketplace has rather stringent requirements owing the use of these products and their impact on people’s health.

In summary, to ensure the safety of its customers, Amazon requires that the beauty products on its platform adhere to the highest quality standards. These standards are clearly outlined on Seller Central.

Let’s examine the main features of selling cosmetics on Amazon and how to approach this activity with the best awareness.

Is it profitable to sell cosmetics on Amazon?

A recent report from Statista has predicted that the global beauty products market will be worth over 800 billion dollars by the end of the year. These forecasts place the products of this category among the most popular on Amazon. A parallel survey also states that over 70% of consumers consider Amazon their main reference source for purchasing beauty products.

In short, selling beauty products on Amazon is a great business opportunity for all sellers. Thanks to the growing consumer demand and the availability of a wide range of solutions.

What classifies as beauty products on Amazon?

Beauty products on Amazon are divided into several subcategories, each with very precise specific characteristics. Think of cosmetics, skincare products, makeup, hair care, nail care, and even personal care products.

Beauty products include those falling into the following categories:

  • Bathroom accessories: bath brushes, sponges, bath mats, and other items used in the bathtub or shower;
  • Foot, hand, and nail care: scrubs, creams, lotions, nail polish, nail clippers, and other items;
  • Fragrances: perfumes, colognes, and other products used to emit a pleasant scent;
  • Gift sets: sets of beauty products, including makeup, skincare, and fragrances;
  • Hair care: shampoo, conditioner, styling products;
  • Makeup: eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, lip gloss;
  • Skincare: facial cleansers, moisturizers, serums;
  • Tools and accessories: makeup brushes, sponges, tweezers.

The above list is not exhaustive. It also includes products, such as those for professional skincare, and so on. 

Products subject to Amazon approval

Many beauty products that can be sold on Amazon require specific approval. This approval is necessary to ensure that the items are safe and meet the quality standards set by the marketplace.

For this reason, sellers planning to list beauty products that contain chemicals and other ingredients potentially harmful to skin, eyes, and other parts of the body, will be required to provide information on safety and production procedures. This will help Amazon ensure that the products sold are safe and meet all applicable safety standards.

In addition to safety considerations, it’s essential to remember that, although the categories of personal care and beauty products are no longer limited, selling them on Amazon may still need specific attention. For example, Amazon requires sellers to provide accurate information about ingredients, expiration dates, and other important details to protect their customers. 

Although these categories are now regulated more liberally compared to the past, and are somewhat easier to sell, there could still be some items subject to restrictions.

Given that the list is constantly being updated, we recommend checking the latest information on Seller Central.

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What are the selling fees on Amazon for cosmetics?

For beauty, health, and personal care products with a total selling price up to €10, the selling fees on Amazon are 8.24% with a minimum of €0.30, and 15.45% for those with prices more than €10.

How to find the most profitable beauty and cosmetic products to sell on Amazon

To find the most profitable beauty and cosmetic products to sell on Amazon, it’s crucial to consider customer demand. This helps determine which products are currently in demand and likely will be in the future.

So, before deciding which products to sell, conduct a market research that includes examining the competition. Determine who your competitors are and how they behave. Particularly, keep in mind that Amazon also has many internationally recognized brands. Therefore, it’s important that your product stands out from the crowd with significant added values among competitive factors.

Remember that Amazon offers a wide range of beauty products. So it’s important to choose the right subcategory for your needs. For example, if you want to sell face makeup, you should focus on products such as foundation, eyeshadows, and mascara. By focusing on the right subcategory, you will maximize profits and increase sales.

In short, selling beauty products on Amazon can be an excellent way to run a profitable business. But before taking this step, it’s important to be well-informed and prepared. Focus particularly on the requirements and regulations to follow. You’ll also need to create a plan for pricing and marketing the products.

Requirements for selling beauty products on Amazon

Amazon has established a series of strict rules for selling beauty products. Starting with packaging, for example, cosmetic products must be kept in the manufacturer’s original packaging. They must be new and never have been used. They must clearly display all identification codes added by the manufacturer or distributor, such as batch numbers, matrix codes, or serial numbers.

Furthermore, Amazon requires that the labels and the product detail pages for cosmetic products always contain the following information:

  • item name
  • function or application of the product
  • quantity of cosmetic ingredients, expressed as a measure, weight, number, or a combination of these
  • list of ingredients
  • name and address of the manufacturer, packager, or distributor (not required on detail pages).

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Which beauty products cannot be sold on Amazon?

Not all cosmetics and beauty products can be sold on Amazon. For instance:

  • cosmetics containing components derived from sharks, whales, dolphins, or porpoises;
  • cosmetics containing more than 12% hydrogen peroxide;
  • corrective and cosmetic contact lenses;
  • products containing minoxidil in a percentage higher than 5%.

Now you have all the useful information to decide if you want to sell cosmetics and beauty products on Amazon!

Good luck with your sales!

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