Amazon Product Detail Page

An Amazon product detail page allows shoppers to see the product sold on the marketplace and get all the detailed information about it before buying. Anyone who has ever shopped on Amazon surely knows what we’re talking about. It is the landing page of the buyer’s search containing all the relevant information about a particular product.

However, what most people don’t know is that when there are multiple offers for the same product, Amazon integrates all its attributes into a unique product page. It does so to simplify things for its shoppers. Although Amazon ultimately determines which information from the various listings will be displayed, each seller of the same product can submit contributions or corrections to the attributes listed.

Now let’s take a look at the features of the product detail page and explore the elements of which it is composed.

How to create a good product detail page

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering if creating a good product detail page is indeed very complicated or not.

Well, a good product detail page certainly cannot be created by improvisation. You must have a clear view of  what is exactly the “right” kind of information to share as well as how and when to add it to the content.

To avoid mistakes when creating your product detail page, try thinking about what would help your potential customers find your products. What would help them get the answers they’re looking for? What would help them finally decide to make an informed purchase? In other words, try to offer them the best customer experience possible by making your offers more accurate and easier to understand.

The 5 elements of the product detail page

Amazon’s product page contains five core elements on which you should concentrate your efforts.


Start with the images. Even if texts are fundamental on the Amazon product page, the images are the first element that will capture your potential buyer’s attention. Make sure they measure at least 500 x 500 pixels. But if you can, increase the quality and the resolution to size at least 1.000 x 1.000 pixels.


Once you’re done with the images, you’ll have to put a lot of brain-power into creating a great title. Choose one that contains not more than 50 characters. Amazon suggests using capitals for the first letter of each word.


Remember that if the product has many variations (colours, sizes, fragrances, etc.) you don’t have to create a new page for each one. You can insert all the variations on the same listing.


The description of the product, optimized for browsers, should include the key words used for your reference product. It should also be written in a concise but clear and comprehensive manner.

Bullet points

The information in the bullet points should be brief and descriptive. They should highlight the essential and most prominent features of your products.

The next time you create a page for one of your products, try following the five elements outline described above. And if you should need a good source of inspiration, take a peek at what your competitors are doing!

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