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At ZonWizard we specialize in the fiscal management of Amazon sales across Europe. Our software generates thousands of tax documents every month for our users, simplifying their lives and those of their accountants.
By signing up as an accountant you can take advantage of our platform for a free and more efficient management of your clients who sell on Amazon.

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ZonWizard automatically generates daily takings, OSS / VAT reports and invoice summaries by linking directly to Amazon sales. Standardized documents across all your clients will speed up your work and tax preparation.

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You will have access to the ZonWizard web app, with simple tools to analyze and verify client tax data. You will receive alerts in case of non-compliant situations, and you will be able to directly download periodic tax documents without waiting for clients to submit them.

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ZonWizard support are experts in sales through Amazon and the tax implications that come with it. We can be a valuable ally in clarifying issues related to programs such as: FBA, paeneuropean, commingling and others.

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The smart way to manage Amazon accounting

In the ZonWizard ecosystem you will find entrepreneurs and companies that have made selling on Amazon their core business. You will also have the opportunity to stay up-to-date on tax issues related to e-commerce

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