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Respecting its usual quarterly schedule, JungleScout has published an interesting report on the health of online shopping and the characteristics of consumer behavior during the last part of 2021. In this article we will examine the points of major interest.

How consumer behavior has changed during the last part of 2021

When looking at the statistics drawn up by JungleScout, the first thing that stands out is how buying online is becoming more and more rooted. In fact, 78% of consumers purchased gifts online during the holiday season. A good 46% said they purchased exclusively online and stated they have quit going to “physical” stores.

Recourse to online shopping is expected to continue at a particularly strong pace throughout 2022, with a few shifts in consumer orientation. In particular, and probably owing to the difficult emotional climate caused by the pandemic, almost 7 consumers out of 10 said they would like to spend more money on entertainment. More than half said they would like to spend more on treatments to improve their mental and physical wellness.

Another interesting finding of the study is that, despite the difficult pandemic situation, about half of all consumers also said they plan to travel during 2022.

How do consumers search for products online

JungleScout has shared an interesting analysis on how consumers search for products online.

As a matter of fact, 30% of consumers said they buy specific brands. They have relatively clear ideas even before they set out to find a product, at least as far as reference brands are concerned.

On the other hand, 17% of consumers rely on Google, Bing or other search engines. They search by generic keywords (such as “gifts for girlfriend”, etc.). Another 16% rely on browsing through social media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. In addition to these,  another 10% of users  look for products on the search engines of these social networks.

Finally, among the most significant percentages to mention, we must include the 7% of consumers who purchase products after reading guides on specialized websites.

The top 2022 buyer trends sellers should know

According to the survey, in 2022 most online buyers will give top priority to satisfying their need for socialization and personal development.

To this end, 68% of the sample said they would like to have more fun this year. The same percentage agreed that they would like to take better care of their personal development. On the other hand, 67% of the respondents stated they intend to spend more time with their family. Furthermore, 54% seem to be intentional about working harder and more intensely. Lastly, 51% will try new social activities.

To travel more was the wish of 46% of the survey sample. This orientation seems to be well rooted in what is expected to become the dominant trend in 2022. That is to say, rediscovering those activities that the pandemic has discouraged or made impossible. Hence, 54% of consumers will purchase services and products that allow them to connect more frequently with friends and family. More than one consumer out of four plans to watch movies, attend concerts and other live events.

So, keep these numbers in mind when planning your next business strategy. They could help you boost your sales considerably on the Amazon platform.

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