Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be held in July this year. Jeff Bezos’ marketplace has not yet defined the exact date the event will kick off. But what’s certain is that millions of customers will be searching for bargains.

Great news for Amazon sellers! However… be careful not to underestimate the strong market shift! Those days will see a great inflow of potential customers to your online storefront. At the same time, there will also be lots of competition among sellers fighting to grab the attention of those customers. But what does all this mean?

How PPC campaigns change

As you can easily deduce from the above, normal PPC campaigns will almost certainly suffer on every Prime Day.  This is especially true for the most competitive keywords. For these, some sellers may even increase the budget allotted to the event.

Therefore, our advice is to carefully evaluate your PPC strategies well before Prime Day. This way, you will avoid the risk of not having a dedicated budget or a proper investment plan.

In some cases, it may be worth paying extra for the best-performing keywords in order to remain competitive, especially for your best-selling and highest-margin articles. In other cases, it may be better to reallocate advertising funds to other keywords or to different products. So, in the weeks leading up to Prime Day, test out different options to see which PPC strategies are most likely to increase your sales.

How does Amazon PPC work?

With regards as to how Amazon PPC works, we can briefly state that it is an advertising platform that functions similarly to Google Ads & co.

The underlying mechanism is in fact that of an auction. If several advertisers are interested in the same keyword, they compete by bidding against each other. Then, the highest bidder wins the auction and succeeds in obtaining the desired visibility.

The steps to follow for Amazon PPC are similar to those of other marketing platforms:

  1. the advertiser chooses which products to promote from his catalogue
  2. sets the budget for the PPC campaign
  3. chooses the keywords with which to publish the ads.

If you should not feel confident enough doing this by yourself, you can always let Amazon do it for you.

This platform offers manual targeting that allows the advertiser to choose his preferred keywords. On the other hand, however,  it uses an automatic targeting procedure by which it decides when to publish the ads. It does this on the basis of the relevance between the searches made by users and the texts on the seller’s product sheets.

We will come back to the Amazon PPC campaign management for Prime Day in the coming days. So, please stay tuned!

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