Amazon reveals 2022 Spring-Summer Events

Amazon has released its calendar of 2022 spring – summer events . The schedule is thickly packed with events that sellers on the marketplace should be well aware of. It will allow them to prepare their inventories and marketing strategies mindfully and well in advance.

April 2022

The month of April has already begun with the usual spring promotions and will continue until May 1st with mid-season Fashion sales. The hair care products campaign is also scheduled to run until the same date, and shall start effectively on April 25, 2022.

May 2022

The month of May will be particularly stacked with commercial events. The first week from May 2nd to 8th will primarily concern coffee and video game vendors. Whereas the second week from May 9th to 15th will regard operators in the nutrition and DIY segments.

Then, May 16 to 22 will be the week dedicated to baby products. Lastly, during the final week from May 23-29, 2022, the focus will shift to the pet products and smart home sectors.

June 2022

June will open with the emphasis on home appliances (May 30 – June 5, 2022).  This will be followed right after by the one on home and furnishings (June 6 – June 12, 2022)

July 2022

No specific events have yet been confirmed in July. However, the whole month should see Fashion sales take center stage during the second half of the summer.

August 2022

As usual, Amazon will encourage sellers to preside over the end-of-summer sales. At the same time, the Back to School event will also be launched. The dates of both initiatives have yet to be confirmed. However, they probably will not deviate much from the ones planned last year.

September 2022

The month of September marks the end of the summer season and the return to school. To alleviate the back-to-school distress of youngsters, Amazon will probably refocus on video games. Again, the exact dates are to be confirmed.

And what about Prime Day?

Prime Day  also is sure to return during the course of the summer. This is definitely the Amazon event that gets the highest level of attention from both buyers and sellers. The dates have not yet been established and probably won’t be until just a few weeks before the official event.

Last year Prime Day was brought forward as a two-day event on June 21 and 22. We’re guessing the same could happen this year, although there’s no official confirmation yet. Rest assured that we’ll let you know as soon as there’s any news on the topic! So, please stay tuned.

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