Amazon Aware – Eco-friendly Products

After having gained a significant market share with Amazon Basics, Jeff Bezos seems to be well on his way to riding the eco-friendly and zero-emission products business. In fact, he has launched Amazon Aware, an eco-friendly line-up of products that are Climate Pledge Friendly certified. The catalogue consists of women’s and men’s clothing, body and hair products, household products and much more.

What Amazon Aware products are

All Amazon Aware products have external certification from selected partners for its Climate Pledge Friendly program. This program certifies the eco-sustainability of the goods sold within the project.  In particular, it certifies that beauty products are EWG Verified (chemical-free) and that clothing is GRS Certified (made from recycled materials).

In short, the project reassures consumers that the manufacturing processes of the products have met all the strictest sustainability standards and that the balance of emissions is zero.
The carbon footprint of each product – the assessment of which provides an understanding of the emissions during the product’s entire life cycle – is verified by Climate Partner, a Greenhouse Gas protocol (GHG) compliant company.

How Amazon achieves its sustainability goals

Amazon Aware achieves its sustainability goals in two main ways. The first obvious way is by producing zero-emission goods. This means using production processes that have no appreciable impact on the ecosystem in terms of CO2 released into the environment.

Amazon adopts a second way when the production process cannot be zero-emission. In this case, it commits to counterbalance the effects of this type of process by adopting environment-friendly measures and initiatives.

Furthermore, Amazon Aware has established partnerships with independent external entities. These entities provide certifications that are an actual seal of approval for the products on the store. They assure customers that the products on sale have been manufactured in accordance with eco-friendly criteria.

When will Amazon Aware products be available?

Amazon Aware products are already available on the company’s marketplaces in Amazon Stores. The Amazon Aware digital storefront presents a number of macro-categories. This framework makes it easier to navigate for consumers interested in purchasing eco-friendly products.

Forecasts on Amazon Aware products

Year after year, consumer interest in sustainable products has continued to grow. Also growing fast is people’s belief that buying zero-emission products is an efficient way to reduce their environmental impact. By doing so, they feel they are somehow contributing to the growth of an eco-friendly economy.

With this in mind, it is fair to imagine that the Amazon Aware segment could be a success for Amazon’s product line. It is also likely that, in the coming months, the catalogue of products falling under this label will become increasingly richer, wider and more heterogeneous.

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