Prime Day October 2023

As probably known to all our readers, Amazon Prime Day is one of the main commercial events for all sellers on the marketplace. It is indeed an event that allows buyers to purchase heavily discounted products. For sellers, the extraordinary attention of this initiative allows for a significant increase in sales.

As is now customary for Amazon, in addition to the main Prime Day in July, there is also a second autumn event that the company has renamed Prime Party of Deals. The different name is used to distinguish this event from the other major promotional event. But, apart from the name, it follows the same formula. There are two days of exciting promotions exclusively for subscribers.

Prime Day October 2023, here are the dates 

This year Amazon has decided to organize an autumn Prime Day as well. The dates to mark on the calendar are October 10 and 11, 2023. The event starts at 00:00 on the first day and ends at 23:59 on the second day. So, a full 48 hours of promotions and other opportunities that Prime buyers will certainly not want to miss.

However, this is not a real novelty. Last year, the e-commerce giant dedicated two days to a sort of autumn Prime Day. On the strength of the good results achieved, Amazon wanted to replicate what is now becoming a recurring event. It is also a good way to kick off the long end-of-year sales season. Among the other major events on the seller’s calendar, there will be a Black Friday and a Cyber Monday.

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How to prepare for early Prime Day sales

To improve the level of sales during early Prime Day 2023, you can adopt some strategies that are valid for any special event. 

For example, it is certainly useful to implement a communication plan that, depending on your target audience, can send previews explaining the benefits of Prime Day. Or create a favorable sense of anticipation and surprise for what will happen during the two days of promotional sales.

Don’t forget to generate informative content on your website. On your showcase pages, you could publish messages that highlight the presence of Prime offers, thus attracting further attention to this event. You could talk about the benefits that your products or services can share with all buyers.

Finally, don’t forget the communicative power of social networks. Your social channels, from Facebook to Instagram, can be very useful marketing tools to develop positive connections with your followers, fueling the right engagement. Talk about the promotion in advance. Test your users’ response and link to your main product listings on Amazon!

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