Camping and outdoors: best tips to increase sales on Amazon!

Within the world’s largest marketplace, the camping & outdoor sector represents a discrete market share. In this highly competitive context, there is a vast number of Amazon sellers. They are launching new products or revising their pre-existing promotional and pricing strategies every day.

So it’s seems clear that to achieve success in the camping and outdoor sector, you need to implement a smart and professional strategy.

That’s why we’re pleased to share some of the most useful tips for increasing sales on Amazon in this attractive sector!

Finding the Right Items to Sell

The first thing we recommend is to think about what are the right items to sell in your camping & outdoor store. While you can find virtually anything on Amazon, the marketplace isn’t always the best channel for every product.

In particular, sales data shows that it’s a bit more challenging to successfully push products that depend on the customer’s satisfaction with the fit, such as technical footwear. On the other hand, sales volumes are much higher for outdoor accessories and supply products. For example, camping tools and backpacks are always particularly popular on the marketplace.

Analyze What Your Competitors Are Doing

Once you’ve successfully passed the first phase, you’ll easily notice that the best-selling products are also the ones with the most competition. Therefore, it’s essential to prepare an offer that stands out from those of the major competitors. You have to analyze what your competitors are doing. You have to understand what makes your outdoor products unique. This will allow you to find the 2-3 key elements on which to focus your promotion and communication strategies. 

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Take Advantage of Special Events 

The camping and outdoor products sector, like all the other sectors, can take advantage of the special events planned on Amazon. Just think of Black Friday in November and Prime Day held in the summer. These are both excellent selling opportunities for outdoor brands. Black Friday will capitalize on the desire to plan outdoor activities for an approaching spring. Prime Day will benefit from the good weather and the desire to spend more time outdoors.

A well-targeted advertising campaign or the launch of a product specially designed for these unique periods could lead your store to a significant degree of success. 


‍Organic growth based on optimizing product listings and writing good product descriptions is possible. In the long term, this can lead to excellent and stable results. But don’t overlook the opportunities offered by advertising on Amazon. This marketing strategy will attract the attention of a larger number of target customers. In fact, it is often decisive in the initial stages of brand development.

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