Black Friday 2022 – 10 tips

Planning a consistent and specific marketing strategy for Black Friday could be the right key to standing out in a very competitive segment. But how do you implement the best approach to push your sales on Amazon ahead of Black Friday? Here are the 10 key tips that we think could make all the difference!

What is Black Friday?

First of all, let’s recall that Black Friday is, traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US. In fact, it is an event (this year recurring on November 25) known for discount sales in e-commerce and traditional stores. Opportunities so unmissable that they lead to a predictable surge in consumer spending.

In short,  Black Friday is the commercial initiative that kicks off the Christmas shopping season!

That said, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to adopting marketing strategies for Black Friday. Nonetheless, here’s our list of the 10 tips that have definitely been proved useful.

Use social media marketing to promote early sales

Some buyers like the thrill of the chase; others prefer to plan ahead and take advantage of early sales. Sellers can attract both types of buyers by using social media to promote their sale offers. Thus, it is possible to anticipate sales by proposing “mystery offers” or by posting specific promotions.

By sharing previews of exclusive offers, countdown timers and other engaging content, companies can create the right sense of anticipation and drive traffic to their stores during Black Friday. In addition, social media is a great way to connect with customers. And also to answer their questions about current products and offers.

Create a sense of urgency

To get customers excited about your sale items, you should create content that conveys a sense of urgency in order to encourage them to take action.

One of the reasons why creating a sense of urgency is important, on Black Friday and beyond, is that it helps capture your audience’s attention. Try thinking of a traditional inbox. It will be crowded with dozens of daily emails and it will be very difficult to stand out. However, a message that knows how to create a sense of urgency is more likely to be noticed than an e-mail that does not.

In short, it is good to try to encourage customers to act now rather than wait. By offering a time-limited discount or exclusive access to sale items, customers will almost feel compelled to take advantage of Black Friday deals before they disappear!

Offer exclusive deals to long-standing customers

People like to be recognized, especially when they have a long-term relationship with the brand. Well, Black Friday offers a good opportunity to show appreciation for loyal and long-standing customers.

Offer these customers exclusive deals and discounts. By doing so, you will be able to ride on a smart marketing tactic that can help build their loyalty and push the same customers to repeat purchases. Showing your customers that you appreciate their loyalty will encourage them to return even on days other than Black Friday.

Sell directly on social media

People often use social media to search for a product or inquire about a brand. Nearly one person out of two says they have searched for new brands, products or services on Instagram.

During Black Friday, many more people than usual are likely to be looking for deals and promotions. By selling directly on platforms like Instagram, you will be able to put your best products in front of your target audience, making it even easier for consumers to convert.

Prepare to follow up with customers after Black Friday

A large number of products can be sold during Black Friday. However, a customer’s value to the brand grows over time. Therefore, you cannot just pamper the customer during the days of this event alone. Instead, you have to turn occasional buyers into loyal, long-term customers.

A study by Shopify, for example, found that the lifetime value of customers is lower during holidays such as Black Friday. And, more specifically, it found that for as many as 64 percent of retailers, shoppers acquired during Black Friday or Cyber Monday have a lower lifetime value than those acquired at any other time of the year.

So, watch out for follow-up activities. Better follow up with your shoppers after the event by sending a quick thank-you email, engaging them in a survey about the service they received, or getting feedback on their experience.

Offer rewards for minimal spending

Try offering rewards for a minimum spend. For example, you can provide that if customers check out with a cart of at least 79 euros they will be eligible for free shipping.

Minimum spend rewards are a great way to increase conversion rates and encourage customers to spend more. They can be even more effective if the rewards are progressive. For example, a customer who spends 49 euros can get a 10 percent discount. Or, a customer who spends 99 euros can get a 20 percent discount.

Give a free gift with the purchase

People simply love to feel rewarded. So why not give your customers a free gift with their purchase to incentivize them to buy? Of course, you need to make sure you give them something they will really want. To understand this, it is important to know your customers very well!

Focus on cart abandonment rates

Many customers browse the company’s website or Amazon tabs, place products in the cart and then … abandon the goods without checking out. To try and reduce the cart abandonment rate, you can consider recovering the purchase attempt by proposing:

  • discount codes
  • special offers
  • other initiatives to curb the abandonment rate at check-out.

Create a gift guide

A gift guide is a curated selection of one’s products. Usually, the selection is categorized in a way that makes it easy to read and interpret in the eyes of buyers. For example, you can create a gift guide for a friend or girlfriend that highlights certain products. Gift guides are effective for promoting specific products, bringing traffic and generating the right enthusiasm for your brand.

Side against Black Friday!

Many brands have decided to take advantage of Black Friday…by opposing it! You might therefore consider acting with a communication strategy that reassures your customers that your brand does not discount during this event because its prices are already the cheapest throughout the year. Or because, perhaps, you do not want to debase the value of your products.

As you can see, Black Friday can be favorably exploited in one way or another. So be prepared to make the most of it for your business!

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