Amazon Prime Day Summer 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is about to become reality. Next July 11th and 12th, the marketplace is planning one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year, a veritable mine of discounts. It is an irresistible opportunity for sellers who want to better monetize the enormous attention that will be generated by this commercial event.

For all those who do not yet feel ready for this initiative, or wish to learn a little more about it, we have summarized a practical mini-guide.

Amazon Prime Day 2023: what and when it is

Amazon Prime Day is a periodic organised event that provides shoppers with a wide range of offers on a wide selection of products. It is therefore an event that allows Amazon’s millions of customers around the world to buy products from small and big brands at often greatly reduced prices.

This summer, Amazon has confirmed the launch of its Prime Day for 11th and 12th of July. It will be 48 hours of great offers that should fill – as on previous occasions – the sellers’ coffers.

Why Amazon Prime Day 2023 is important for sellers

When it comes to Amazon Prime Day, one thinks that the initiative is very convenient especially for consumers. One forgets, however, that it also holds many welcome surprises for sellers. Simply because it usually leads to a sharp increase in traffic and sales of their products.

However, while this is true, what some new sellers do not know is how to properly prepare their business for this big day

What you can do to prepare for Prime Day 2023 on Amazon

As a seller, there are several things you can do to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023. We wanted to single out the most important ones. Let’s check them out together one by one!

Offer your clients new opportunities to save

Prime Day is the ultimate savings event for Amazon customers. Therefore, you might consider enticing them by creating offers, discounts and promotions on your listings.

Of course, some sellers do not apply any offers and still experience a good increase in sales simply due to increased traffic. Nonetheless, we think it is a good idea to offer customers savings through exclusive Prime discounts, coupons, promotions and other Prime Day offers.

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Set up sufficient stock

This advice will seem trivial in the eyes of all Amazon sellers with some experience behind them. However, in the run-up to Prime Day, it is good to make sure that you have sufficient stock to cope with the event.

Of course, at this point it is a bit late to replenish the stock in the Prime supply centres. However, don’t despair!

First of all, you can already work towards the next Prime Day, which will probably be organized in autumn. Secondly, if you realize that the capacity limits of your FBA warehouse are too low for the expectations you are cherishing, or you no longer have time to ship products in FBA, you can always create FBM offers on your listings  to meet customer demand.

Optimize listings

Another tip we feel like giving is optimizing listings. It is true that discounted prices are important for Prime Day shoppers. It is also true, however, that the product listing should certainly not take a back seat. On the contrary, it needs to be as attractive as possible to get the desired conversions. But how can you do that?

Start by checking your current listings. Check the title, bullet points, images and descriptions. Make sure all the elements are up-to-date and relevant. Then, try split testing the A+ content, if consistent with your business, in order to maximize the ads’ conversion potential.

Boost your marketing strategy

You must ensure that customers find your listings on Prime Day. Therefore, increase your brand’s visibility, on Amazon and outside the marketplace. Start as early as possible in a way that attracts your target audience with must-have offers.

For example, you can work on revising your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. Place more aggressive bids for your product’s most important keywords in order to increase organic rankings.

Also consider running off-Amazon ads to attract outside traffic to your marketplace offers. You can use Facebook and Google’s targeting features, then remember to monitor off-Amazon traffic and conversions.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of social media. Consumers are increasingly interested in finding products on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok. Try to capture their interest with posts, Instagram Stories, and short videos to let them know how much they can save on your products during Prime Day.

Well, now that you’ve read our tips we hope they will help you prepare for Prime Day and we wish you great sales!

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