10 Golden Rules to increase clicks

In order to increase your chances of capturing potential customers and making them purchase your products you have to optimize your advertisements. There are several ways to do this on Amazon’s marketplace. Amazon itself has suggested 10 golden rules that can increase clicks and improve your listings. Let’s discover them together.

Create an effective product title

The title of your product should be informative, easy to read and should enable buyers to immediately understand its main features. Don’t make it more than 60 characters long.

Exploit images

Exploit the power of images by including at least four high-quality photos (at least 1000 px, so they can easily be enlarged). The pictures should show different angles of the product and should focus on the most significant details.

Include a bullet list

A bullet list is a very useful tool for providing a clear overview of the product’s main features. For example, you could use it to include sizes, usage modes and other details.

Provide a useful description

In the product description you should not repeat the information already outlined in the bullet list. Instead, focus on elements not previously provided, such as the advantages of using the product.

Add Relevant Search Terms

On the product page, it is very important to add the words potential customers might use when searching for a product to buy. For example, use key features, names of the materials from which the product is made, etc.

Indicate a consistent price

As trivial as it may seem, indicating a fair price for your product is quite crucial. It will make buyers much more motivated to click on your ads and eventually make a purchase.

Ensure that products are available

Although this may seem superfluous, it is very important that your products always be in stock.

Choose products that display a Featured Offer

A Featured Offer allows customers to add the item to their shopping cart or buy it immediately, thereby maximizing your visibility and sales. To obtain this opportunity, your product must be eligible to become a Featured Offer.

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Show Prime badge

Advertise products that offer Prime shipping. This feature will certainly help you attract more buyers. The option allows the buyers to receive your item in less time and without additional shipping costs. To obtain the Prime badge, your products must be eligible for Amazon Logistics.

Advertise products with positive reviews

The opinions of other buyers are an important influencing factor for potential customers. Therefore, try to advertise products that have at least five positive reviews and a rating of at least 3.5 stars. This way you can increase your chances of winning over a new audience of buyers.

Lastly, we would like to add one last tip for suppliers and sellers listed in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Consider using A+ content

The A+ page is available to both suppliers and sellers registered in the Amazon Brands Registry. Considering the added value that such content can provide, we strongly believe it is well worth using.

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