Amazon Prime Day 2022 – Fall Edition

Prime Day 2022 was a predictable success. However, it is possible that it will not be the marketplace’s only major event for international consumers. Although there is no official confirmation, it is not ruled out that the first Prime Day held between 12 and 13 July 2022 may be repeated in the coming months.

The main clue was revealed in July. In fact, some Amazon retailers received an invitation to present lightning deals for an event called Prime Fall, an exclusive shopping moment between October and December.

When will it be held?

Now, it is true that Amazon has not gone so far as to mention specific dates for this new event. However, several rumours suggest that a second Prime Day 2022 will be held in October. The period is not coincidental seeing that these are undoubtedly particular weeks for e-commerce. In fact, during this month sales generally tend to slow down. But there are clearly lots of exceptions to the rule, especially in certain sectors of best-selling goods. Therefore, scheduling a Prime Day in October could act as an ideal springboard for the following Black Friday in November.

Assuming these rumors are true, this would be the first time the US retail giant has taken the trouble to organize two such events in the same year.

Who can participate?

To be honest, there are also some signals that diverge from the above theory. For instance, Amazon is used to organizing lightning deals throughout the solar calendar. Therefore, we can’t rule out that what has been dubbed as Prime Fall is merely an alternative promotion to Prime Day, but aimed solely at Prime Day subscribers.

In any case, it is quite possible that more information will emerge in the coming days. Amazon’s vendor conference will be held in Seattle these days. And probably, if there is news about a Prime Day 2, this would be the right occasion to share it with all the interested parties.

Prime Day 2022 numbers

Having said that, the echoes of Prime Day 2022 are still strong. The event was described by Amazon itself as the most successful ever. During the two days of the initiative

  • a turnover of $7.76 billion was generated
  • revenue increased by 16.7 per cent with respect to last year
  • revenue increased by more than 300% compared to the daily average over the 20 days preceding the event.

Now, we’ll only have to wait and see whether or not July’s Prime Day will remain unique for the 2022 calendar…

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