Sell end of school-year gifts on Amazon

The school year will soon be over. To the delight of many students, it is also the time for welcomed gifts from parents and relatives.

How can you sell best on Amazon during the end of the school year?

In the following lines you will find the tips we think will be very useful to all sellers.

Market research

Naturally our first suggestion is to conduct a market research in order to identify which of your products might have a peak demand during the end of the school year. Also find which products can be easily sourced to expand your product portfolio in relation to this period of the year.

You can then identify the product categories that are most requested by parents and students during this period and select those that are most suitable for sale.

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Product page optimization

The second step is product page optimization. This is a key step in improving your hopes of being visible on the marketplace. Use relevant keywords in descriptions, product features and images. Create detailed descriptions that place clear emphasis on which benefits your products can give to customers.

Special offers and promotions

Consider offering discounts and special promotions to attract customers. As studies on consumer habits show, the end of the school year is a time when many people are a little more inclined to buy. Arranging convenient bargains can be the tool that could facilitate their purchase.

Packaging for the occasion

You might also choose to invest in another very important marketing element such as packaging. Customize it for the occasion by adopting an attractive school theme. Remember that dedicated packaging can sometimes make all the difference when customers have to choose between similar products.

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Customer feedback

As intuitive as it may be, we will never tire of emphasizing how important customer reviews are on Amazon. Considering that the end of the school term is near, it will be hard to increase the number of reviews right away. However, you can always work on feedback by answering in a timely manner the questions that customers leave on the product page. This will surely help build your trustworthiness.

Inventory management

Make sure you manage your inventory efficiently by regularly monitoring sales and reorganizing your inventory according to demand. Definitely avoid running out of stock during peak sales periods!

Customer Service

Finally, offer high quality customer service, always and especially during this period. Respond promptly to your customers’ requests and try to exceed their expectations. As we have already mentioned, quality customer service builds customer loyalty. It can generate positive feedback, thus knocking down the most frequent cause of every salesman’s nightmare: having good products but poor sales…

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