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E-commerce USA: trends and most sought-after products in 2024

E-commerce in the U.S. continues to evolve year after year, often serving as the benchmark for the maturation of new trends. Observing what happens in the stars-and-stripes e-commerce market is very useful. It provides a better understanding of what is happening in this significant commercial marketplace. Furthermore, it allows sellers to anticipate what might happen in other markets where their business activities are present.

For this reason, we will try to explain how the North American e-commerce is evolving. We will first take a look at some of the sector trends that will impact more strongly in 2024. Then, we’ll pinpoint which products and sectors are most desired by American customers.


E-commerce trends in 2024: 10 trends to focus on

Let’s start with the 10 e-commerce trends in the U.S. that are emerging in the American market. For convenience and clarity of presentation, we have summarized them in the following table:



Payment Systems

One of the most common reasons customers abandon their cart is because they cannot find their preferred payment option. Therefore, sellers will be asked to meet this need by adding as many payment methods as possible used in the target market. PayPal and Stripe are definitely two very common payment gateways and are trusted by the majority of online buyers in the U.S. However, adding Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other strongly growing methods, could also be considered. Some payment gateways for cryptocurrencies could also be evaluated.

Subscription Models

Subscription sales are a trend in e-commerce that is involving an increasing number of companies. The latter are eager to ensure steady revenue streams by transforming their normal product offerings into monthly subscriptions.

This simple but effective approach encourages customer loyalty. If done correctly, it can generate sustainable and more predictable income.

Chatbots for Customer Service

For some time now, e-commerce businesses have started using chatbots to generate quicker and deeper interactions with customers and potential clients. According to research by Kayako, 41% of consumers prefer live chat as a support channel. Also, 52% are more likely to be loyal to companies that offer it.

Another positive and equally important aspect of chatbots is that they can be used throughout the entire customer conversion funnel. By potential clients with questions about the products they are considering to buy and customers who have just purchased and want to follow up on their order. Even by the most loyal customers who might want to buy again. Chatbots could be functional for any need.

Shopping Through Video

Online users spend up to 100 minutes a day watching videos on major online platforms. For this reason, many e-commerce businesses started to invest in video marketing to show products and more effectively reach audiences that love visual content.

However, there was a big problem with this kind of video. People had to leave the video, go to a separate URL, search for the product and finally proceed to the purchase process. In short, a not very comfortable path.

The proliferation of shoppable videos has solved this problem. Today, video viewers can purchase the product directly within the video with justba few clicks.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence can effectively contribute to improving the way your brand interacts with customers. Advanced and targeted personalization at scale is only possible with advanced technology like artificial intelligence, which can be integrated with chatbots, product recommendations, etc.



Augmented and Virtual Reality

71% of consumers have stated they are more likely to purchase from brands that use virtual reality. So it’s no coincidence that more and more e-commerce businesses are integrating this technology into their service.

Thanks to augmented and virtual reality, brands can now have virtual versions of their stores. Actually, there are already numerous cases of application. Think of virtual try-ons for glasses and frames. How about Amazon’s AR View app that allows customers to see products in their own homes before making a purchase? Immagine IKEA’s Studio app, which enables users to capture and create fully integrated 3D room plans with furniture, and so on.

Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping is not exactly new. Unlike previous years though, it is now indispensable and inevitable. By 2025, it could exceed 50% of total e-commerce sales in the U.S.

With consumers increasingly relying on mobile devices, e-commerce brands must increment their efforts to ensure that their stores are optimized for mobile e-commerce.

Sustainability Companies are progressively turning towards sustainability. Buyers have already clearly demonstrated how much they prefer dealing with brands that adopt strong sustainability policies. Therefore, sellers who focus their marketing strategy also on this aspect are more likely to positively impact their target audience.

Voice Search

A study by Loop Ventures predicts that 75% of American households will own a smart speaker by 2025. As more homes adopt smart speakers, an increasing number of consumers will use voice search to make online purchases, order food, and organize their lives. The boom of voice search will inevitably create a great opportunity for e-commerce companies in terms of keywords and content.


Implementing personalized experiences on the website or in the marketing activities of companies has a strong effect on revenue. In fact, sellers who have developed greater personalization capabilities register a 25% increase in revenue.


The most sought-after e-commerce products by American consumers

So much for the trends that are most significantly impacting e-commerce in the U.S. Now, let’s see which products are selling the most on Amazon USA. We will also examine the trends that might develop more strongly in the coming months.

Now, it’s certainly true that you can buy practically anything on Amazon. According to eMarketer, the largest online retail store in the United States holds nearly half of the entire e-commerce market in the USA. Amazon surpasses the retail giant Walmart and the eBay e-commerce market by far. Nonetheless, also true is that the Marketplace does not offer the same opportunities for all sellers.

Therefore, if you want to sell in the U.S. with greater profit potential, monitor the following sectors.

Personal Care

Personal care products have always sold well on Amazon in the U.S. However, since the onset of the pandemic, online purchases of these products have increased significantly. Among the best-selling products are peel-off facial masks, nail polish, hair care shampoos, especially eco-friendly ones.

Games and Entertainment

The desire for home entertainment has not at all diminished. For this reason, sales of games and puzzles on Amazon USA are expected to consolidate their business volumes. The global board games market is worth about $13.75 billion. Furthermore, according to the latest forecasts, it is expected to grow to $30.93 billion by 2028.


Fitness is one of the most thriving sectors for online sellers. Gym training equipment as well as home fitness equipment (driven by the foreseeable boom during the pandemic era) is ensuring excellent results for sellers. There is plenty to choose from: dumbbells to yoga mats, exercise bands, water bottles, and supplements.


The gardening product sector has also undergone profound changes since the outbreak of the pandemic. This global event has forced people to spend more time at home and, for the lucky ones who have one, in their own garden. Even in the post-pandemic era, sales levels of some of the most useful and functional products have not decreased. These results have lead to profitable evolutions in the business policies of vendors selling thermometers, garden hoses, fences, and other typical garden items.

Pet Products

Another category that continues to generate significant sales on Amazon USA is pet products.

It is well known, for example, that cat food is one of the best products to sell on the marketplace. This is owing to a relatively limited number of competitors and interesting margins. There is also less competitiveness in the ads, which mainly refer to dry and wet food based on poultry and fish.

Within the pet products category, there are also other accessories that will make our pets’ lives safer and more comfortable. Consider cat litter, one of the most profitable products on Amazon in the United States, with high average search volumes and revenues.

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How to Find Your Own Sector

The fact that the five categories mentioned above are promising excellent sales opportunities should not make us forget that this is not enough to ensure desired margins.

Selling on Amazon has become increasingly easy and popular over the years. So it’s no surprise that competition has skyrocketed, especially in some segments. Here, for example, is the distribution of the number of sellers present on the marketplace:

Category Percentage of Sellers
Home & Kitchen 35%
Personal Care & Beauty 26%
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 20%
Toys & Entertainment 18%
Health & Household 17%
Kids 16%
Electronics 16%
Sports 16%
Pets 13%
Office Supplies 13%

An important question to ask yourself is whether these categories are too competitive or not. Essentially, the last thing you should do is venture into a saturated market with little or no chance of reaching the first page in search results.

Indeed, the greater the competition in a niche or particular product, the harder it will be to compete on the price. Furthermore, highly competitive categories generally have higher advertising costs or diminishing returns.

Therefore, choosing the right category to sell on Amazon, through the use of the best analytical tools, becomes crucial for sustainably taking the first steps in the marketplace.

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