Artificial Intelligence: how Amazon is keeping up

Amazon’s relationship with artificial intelligence is not exactly new. But only in the last 12 months has the company owning the world’s most famous and important marketplace taken accelerating decisions. It is taking steps that should allow it to not lose ground compared to other operators (such as Microsoft and Google) who have not hesitated in the race to generative artificial intelligence.

For this reason, the recent announcement of a technology currently intended for cloud customers only, as well as a market for artificial intelligence tools from other companies, is not surprising.

What Amazon has in mind

Although the news is not very recent, it has bounced back to the center of attention due to further developments. Last spring, in fact, Amazon Web Services had announced the launch of two language models. The first is essentially used to generate text like the algorithms used by Microsoft (with ChatGPT) and Google (with Bard). The second, instead, is used to personalize web search and more.

Anyways, attention! Amazon was quick to imply that it will not be a chatbot like the ones already presented by its competitors. Rather, it will be about language models (presently nicknamed Titan). These models can work quickly on huge amounts of text. They are capable of summarizing content and writing blog drafts. They can even participate in open question and answer sessions and much more.

They are available on AWS’s Bedrock service. They will allow developers to compete in a field where the battle will be based on generative artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence to summarize reviews

As already stated, in recent days there has been renewed talk about Amazon and its role in artificial intelligence. The news: Amazon is reportedly developing a service useful for facilitating the shopping experience for its customers. But in what terms?

Users will no longer have to read dozens of reviews left by customers who have already purchased and tried the products. Essentially, Amazon will offer a summary of customer reviews. Its artificial intelligence algorithm is purportedly already able to read the texts written in the customer feedbacks. Finding common points it is then able to summarize them in a few lines.

The company itself has already announced the new feature in a post on the official blog. The post says that the reviews written by artificial intelligence are already available for a sample of users on a wide selection of products. In the coming months, after studying the reaction of its customers, it will evaluate whether and how to expand the user base and the range of products involved.

We’ll just have to wait and see…

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