Automated review requests

ZonWizard’s Profit tool allows you to schedule and send review requests to your customers, either on a per-order basis or systematically.

In this tutorial you will learn which automatic rules you can set up in ZonWizard to send review requests to your customers and what strategies you can implement to increase positive reviews of your products.

General settings for automatic submission

In the Profit > Reviews & Feedback section, you can enable automatic sending of product review requests and seller feedback. This means that the review request will be sent automatically for all orders.

Orders for which a return has been made and those of customers who have been blacklisted are always excluded from sending requests.

These settings apply to all products, but we will see that it is possible to assign differentiated settings for specific products.

Waiting days after delivery

Once you enable this feature, you need to indicate how many days after delivery you want the review request to be sent to the customer. Amazon mandates that it cannot be sent before 5 or after 30 days of delivery. Since Amazon only provides an estimated delivery date and time, we recommend staying within a range of 7 to 28 days.

Sending time

It is possible to set the time at which to send the review request. If this is not specified the request will be sent at the same time the customer placed the order, assuming that the customer, who had time to make the purchase at that time, may also be free to write a review.

Alternatively, by indicating a specific time, the request will be sent for all orders at the time defined by the user, taking into account the customer’s time zone.

Repeat orders only

You can also choose whether to send the review request only to customers who have purchased the same product more than once. This can be useful for consumer goods for which the second purchase assumes that the customer has enjoyed the product, thus increasing the likelihood of a positive review.

The settings seen so far apply generally to all products, but rules dedicated to specific products can be added.

FBA only

For sellers using both Amazon’s logistics and their own, it is possible to choose to send review requests only for the FBA orders.

Auto blacklist

As a last option you can enable automatic recognition of customers who leave negative seller feedback and automatically add them to the blacklist. This way they will be excluded from the review request automation reducing the probability that they may leave a negative rating on the product as well.

Settings by product

By clicking on the “Add” button, it is possible to select an individual product and assign settings different from the general ones.

For example, you will be able to choose whether you want to disable the sending of requests or enable them only for repeat purchases.

If you have products that need more time to be appreciated you can also choose to set a longer wait time after delivery for review submission.

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Dashboard reviews

By selecting the reporting period, you can view statistics related to the posting of reviews.

You can get feedback on how many review requests have been submitted, how many are pending, or how many have been blocked due to returns or blacklisted customers.

Review request status for each order

In the Profit > Orders section you will be able to check the status of the request for each order in the “Review” column.

The possible statuses for review requests are:

  • Sent
  • Scheduled: the request will be sent X days after the order is delivered. X is a user-defined number in the settings
  • Pending: the request must wait until the software has detected the estimated delivery date and customer information before it can be sent
  • Blocked: the request can be blocked if there is a return or if the customer has been blacklisted
  • Not Scheduled: the review for this order will not be sent automatically by the system

Manual operations

Clicking on the status icon will bring up a drop-down menu to perform a number of manual operations that vary depending on the status of the order:

  • Send Review Now: sends the review request now regardless of the schedule. This operation is only possible if at least 5 days have passed since delivery, if there is no return, and if the customer is not blacklisted
  • Schedule: activates the schedule. The review request will be sent according to the user’s settings
  • Remove schedule: turns off the schedule. The review request will not be sent automatically
  • Block review request: sets a block that prevents the review request from being sent for this order only
  • Blacklist customer: blocks review submission for this order and all orders placed by this customer
  • Remove customer from blacklist: removes review request blocks for all orders placed by this customer

Email template

ZonWizard automatic review requests send the official approved email template that complies with all Amazon’s policies.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the customer is asked to give a product rating and also feedback on the seller.


If you have read this tutorial you will have realized that through ZonWizard’s Reviews & Feedback tool you can:

  • send review requests for all of your orders automatically saving you the hurdles of doing it manually for each single order in seller central.
  • avoid breaking any of the strict Amazon’s policies since this system is 100% compliant to their “Term of Service” (TOS) .
  • exclude from the requests the orders that have been returned or customers you’ve had problems with in the past
  • customize submission only for repeat purchases or exclude products that are receiving negative reviews.

We hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful in understanding the potential of the tool and the importance of strategically governing and controlling review submission.

If you are already a ZonWizard user, you can start increasing your product reviews by activating the feature directly under Profit > Reviews & Feedback or you can register for our service by taking advantage of a 14-day free trial.

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