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Amazon places great emphasis on logistics and transportation. In fact, it has always set high quality standards in the field of distance sales. Recently, the American giant has wanted to do even more by perfected the last mile with new delivery and order pickup possibilities.

In this framework the growing integration of Amazon Counters stands out. These counters are pickup points that further simplify shopping for Amazon’s online customers.

What are Amazon Counters?

Amazon Counters are a network of retail points where customers can conveniently pick up their purchases. From newsstands to tobacco shops, libraries, and other types of stores, any retailer can become a Counter providing the service that allows Amazon customers to pick up packages from them.

With Amazon Counter, customers no longer need to wait for the courier at home or go to a Locker. They just have to select this delivery option when confirming the order and then go to the designated Counter after receiving the merchandise receipt notification.

Amazon Locker and Amazon Counter, what are the differences?

Amazon Locker and Amazon Counter are two methods available to marketplace buyers for receiving their purchases conveniently and efficiently. However, they are not to be confused or used as synonyms.

Amazon Locker is an automated pickup point. Generally, it is located in gas stations, parking lots, and places open 24 hours a day or for most of the day. The buyer who chooses this delivery method simply to goes to the locker containing their product. Then, unlocks it with their secret code and retrieves the merchandise.

On the other hand, Amazon Counters have well-defined opening hours that coincide with the business hours of the chosen location. The delivery of the product will take place with the active collaboration of the retailer.

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How do Amazon Counters work?

To learn more about Amazon Counters, let’s summarize the operation with an example.

Imagine that a customer has purchased an item on Amazon and wants to choose the Counter as their preferred delivery channel. When confirming the purchase, they will select the Amazon Counter which is most convenient or closest to their home.

Then, when the package arrives at the Counter, the Amazon customer will receive a notification. They will have 7 days to pick up the product from the pickup point (compared to the 3 days allowed for pickup from the Locker). If they cannot pick it up within this timeframe, the product will be returned, and the purchase will be fully refunded by Amazon.

Is Amazon Counter advantageous for sellers too?

Now we know how Amazon Counter works and what the benefits are for buyers. The question is: Can this channel also be useful and advantageous for sellers? Well, the answer is definitely yes. In fact, the presence of an additional delivery channel can encourage and stimulate shopping by their customers.

Moreover, there are benefits also for the retailers who become Amazon Counters. They will not have any costs to bear as Amazon will handle the service management. Additionally, they will gain visibility thanks to the value that the Amazon pick up service can add to their business. They can attract new customers who might be interested in purchasing their products once they arrive in the store!

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