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Tutorial: How to sell on eBay with ZonWizard

Great news for all Amazon sellers: ZonWizard now also supports eBay!

As of December 14th, 2023, you can manage your sales from both platforms without any stress using a single software. Up to now, ZonWizard only managed Amazon sales and taxation. It has now doubled its potential by integrating the well-known and highly requested eBay marketplace.

With its new feature, ZonWizard has doubled its potential for sellers, while maintaining its simplicity and readability.

This tutorial will help you learn how to integrate eBay into ZonWizard and see what has changed compared to before.

Link your eBay data

To link your eBay store to ZonWizard, go to the user menu under Integrations

On this page, you can click on the “Link eBay” button.

Following the procedure, your new market will be connected in just a few clicks. After synchronization, all ZonWizard views will include eBay sales.

TAX TOOL: What changes with eBay?

eBay Receipts

The payments register will automatically be filled in with sales from all Amazon or eBay seller accounts.

You can keep the receipts of different platforms separate by going to Settings and ticking the “Group by platform” 


With this option, you can divide your sales by Amazon and eBay as well as by tax rates and jurisdiction. 

VAT Reports

The VAT reports will take into account sales made on Amazon’s Pan-European program and also eBay sales in case you have foreign warehouses for eBay as well.

The software detects the origin of the sale. So, if you ship to eBay customers from warehouses in different countries, ZonWizard detects where the goods are shipped from and accordingly calculates the VAT to be paid with foreign declarations.

OSS Reports

For the OSS report, ZonWizard detects intra-community sales made on Amazon and eBay, and you will have the total VAT due per country, to be used in the OSS declaration.

For example: if with eBay you ship from your country to a customer in Germany and you are under the OSS scheme, this sale will be summarized in the German OSS declaration. Not only that, if you have not exceeded the 10,000 euro threshold of the OSS, ZonWizard will include it in the receipts by applying the VAT of your country. Naturally, everything depends on how you initially set up the software based on your preferences and tax regime.

PROFIT TOOL: What changes with eBay?

Profit Dashboard

At first glance after linking the eBay marketplace, the dashboard seems the same as before, but when you open the filter panel you will immediately notice the new features.

In fact,  you can switch with just 1 click between the two platforms, eBay and Amazon, to see the overall performance by platform.

You can also choose to see data for a single marketplace. For example: you might choose to view or but not

Profit Table

Icons that identify the marketplace where the individual SKU is sold, have been added to each item, so you can identify at a glance if it is associated with eBay or Amazon.

Order View

You will have summary icons that identify at first glance where the individual order was sold (eBay, Amazon) in addition to the usual breakdown of revenues and costs. As for eBay costs, there will be listing and closing fees, in addition to VAT and the purchase and shipping costs of the product. 


ANALYTICS TOOL: What changes with eBay?


You will be able to see where all your Amazon and eBay orders come from each geographically, or from both platforms simultaneously.


This is very helpful to understand where certain orders come from. You can attack a specific area suitable for certain types of products with specific penetration strategies.

We hope this latest integration meets your expansion and management needs, and if you haven’t already done so, you can integrate your eBay store from this link

If you prefer to see the official presentation video of the new feature explained directly by the people who developed it, go to this link

Happy sales from ZonWizard!

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