Selling Outdoor Sports Items on Amazon: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

Selling outdoor sports items on Amazon can represent a great business opportunity for all European sellers. After all, the market for outdoor sports equipment is continuously growing, and more and more consumers are turning to the world’s most well-known marketplace for their purchases.

For this reason, today we have tried to analyse how and why to sell outdoor sports items on Amazon and what strategy to adopt if you have decided that this is your path to commercial success.

Sports Products Market: Encouraging Forecasts for Sellers

The first element we want to share some reflections on is related to the evolution of the sports products market. According to the most authoritative research, it is expected to grow at a steady pace throughout the decade and beyond.

For example, according to analysis by Allied Market Research, the market volume will increase from 340 billion dollars in 2020 to 930 billion by 2031. The average annual growth rate will be 8.3%.

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This is a particularly vigorous growth. Among its fundamental determinants:

  • The fact that the youth population is increasingly attracted to outdoor sports activities.
  • The growth in the number of fans and followers of sporting events, which fuels the demand for sports equipment and apparel.

Additionally, the increase in life expectancy is also considered beneficial to the market. This element, along with greater awareness of the best practices to stay fit and healthy for longer, will allow the market to maintain increasingly prosperous figures.

However, be careful not to draw conclusions too hastily.

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The Role of Innovation

As in many other industries, the outdoor sports equipment industry is also rapidly evolving due to the increasing adoption of emerging technologies and trends driven by the younger population.

Thus, the introduction of innovative products will be one of the tools that sellers must promote in order to remain successful in an increasingly competitive market, attract new consumers, and meet the expectations of existing consumers.

Each Sport Has a Different Growth Trend

Another very interesting element worth noting is that each sport is driving a very different development trend.

Let’s take a look at this chart, taken from the same Allied Market Research study. It compares the market volume of some sports between the start date of the statistics (2020) and the forecast end date (2031).


We can note, therefore, that not all sports will grow in the same way. For example, the market development forecasts for equipment and clothing for a generally outdoor sport like tennis seem to be less significant than those for running, other racket sports, cycling, or winter sports.

Additionally, the most important growth is expected to be in the “other” activities category. This indicates that there will be more and more niches and sectors worth focusing on, beyond the more well-known and commercially mature sports.

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Online Sales Will Grow More Than the Average

That said, it will be useful for our readers to know that, based on the same analyses mentioned in our discussion today, the online segment is expected to record the highest average annual growth rate during the forecast period, with 8.6%.

Therefore, the online channel will be confirmed as the fastest-growing sales channel in the sports goods and outdoor equipment sector, with consumers preferring online platforms due to the factors that have determined their success in recent years and are expected to consolidate even further. Among these factors are the ease of access to a wider range of alternatives and greater economic convenience.

In this regard, let’s cite a recent PwC report on sportswear, according to which the attributes that online sellers should value the most are:

  • Fast and reliable delivery (considered by 42% of consumers as the most important factor).
  • The ability to make returns at no cost.
  • Reviews from other users.
  • The availability of items not present in physical stores.

The same report states that the main drivers for purchasing sports and fitness items online are:

  • Price (37%).
  • Convenience (32%).
  • Quality (30%).

Interestingly, quality ranks first for purchases in physical stores (36%). The evaluative conclusion, therefore, is that those willing to shop online seeking the greatest savings are more inclined to compromise slightly on quality.

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Let’s cite another very interesting statistic from the PwC report in this regard. That is, the fact that sustainability has become a central issue in the sector.

In fact, when the sample was asked:

“For which of the following product characteristics would you be willing to pay more?”

It was the category of ethically/sustainably made products that was selected by 31% of consumers. This category preceded products with eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, which garnered 24% of the responses.

Additionally, 26% of consumers who shop online in the sports segment declared they are willing to pay more for brands and products characterized by eco-sustainable practices.


Tips for Selling Outdoor Sports Items on Amazon

Now that we have a good understanding of the main trends in selling outdoor sports items, let’s try to understand the best tips for selling them on Amazon in light of the latest trends we’ve mentioned and the many opportunities the marketplace can offer us.

Focus on Specific Niches

The first thing to clarify when trying to successfully sell any outdoor sports item on Amazon is the opportunity to primarily focus on specific niches.

We mentioned this earlier. Outdoor sports clothing and equipment designed for particular activities have the best opportunities to find a better response among the preferences of practitioners of specific sports disciplines compared to what might happen when focusing on more generic equipment.

Therefore, a piece of advice we have often reiterated on our site is to know your target audience well and understand their needs. By doing so, you can determine which items they need to perform better in their chosen sport.

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Don’t Underestimate More Universal Products

While selling in specific niches can guarantee you the greatest satisfaction, don’t forget that there is always the possibility of achieving significant benefits by selling more universal products. These are products that meet the needs of a broader and more diverse audience.

An example? Water bottles are indispensable for any outdoor activity, providing greater comfort and safety.

Among the best-sellers on Amazon are stainless steel water bottles. These represent a lighter (though more expensive) option and are capable of better maintaining the temperature of the contained liquid. Additionally, they are durable accessories that do not break easily.

Other sports items and accessories can also help you expand your target audience. Think, for example, of towels, which are useful in many outdoor activities.

Consider Sponsored Ads

In addition to optimizing product listings to achieve better positioning in Amazon’s search results, remember that you can pay to have your products ranked higher in the same results. This ensures that your ad appears above the normal search results, giving you a competitive advantage.

As previously mentioned, using sponsored ads will allow you to reach a wider audience quickly, especially if you are just starting out.

When doing so, remember to select your target customers based on their demographics and interests. By doing this, you can ensure that the ads are relevant to your target audience, thereby increasing the chances that they will purchase from you.


Leverage Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews are a crucial factor in Amazon’s product ranking algorithm. As expected, the more numerous and better your reviews, the higher your products will appear in search results (all else being equal with other products).

Therefore, you must commit to providing excellent services if you want your business to thrive for a long time. For example:

  • Respond quickly to information requests.
  • Send a thank-you email for purchases made.
  • Ask questions to improve your services.
  • Show appreciation for feedback, whether positive or negative.

If you wish, you can also enrol in Amazon’s paid Early Reviewer program. In this program, Amazon will ask customers who have just made a purchase to review your products in exchange for gift vouchers.

Build Stable and Trusting Relationships with Customers

Outdoor sports product buyers are particularly inclined to share their experiences with brands.

However, do not expect spontaneous feedback:

  • Engage your audience across various channels (such as social media).
  • Build transparent and trusting relationships with customers.
  • Ask about their sports and training journeys.
  • Share useful tips.
  • Repost photos and videos that can enhance their consumer experience.

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