Christmas sales – 6 tips for online vendors

Christmas is just around the corner! But, it is still not too late to put into practice a few useful strategies that will increase the value of your year-end sales.

Below we have listed 6 winning strategies that you can apply in order to take your sales to a whole new level. So let’s discover them together!

Offer free delivery

This is surely not a novelty! But, according to Econsultancy’s latest report, more than half the visitors to the top 30 retail sites for Christmas shopping said they chose to buy from one retailer over another because they offered free delivery.

Displaying this condition clearly and prominently on your product page and elsewhere in your online presence will enable you to answer your customers’ questions about delivery charges immediately, thereby increasing the level of their trust in you.

Clarify return policy

Many people wish to do their Christmas shopping well in advance. However, they are often afraid they won’t be able to handle possible returns of goods properly. Here, then, is where the terms of your return policy should always be easily identifiable. Don’t forget that these kind of things always play an important role in the customer’s decision to make a purchase!

Offer gift certificates

Gift certificates can be a useful alternative for shoppers who don’t know what to buy. And they are also perfect for last-minute buyers, given that they can be easily emailed to the buyer. In short, a powerful marketing weapon that every seller should never underestimate.

Propose gift wrapping

Although this service may not usually be offered, it is worth considering. In fact, it represents a very valuable and appreciated extra service. Furthermore, it can be used on the shopping cart page to increase the average order value. Simply highlight the gift wrapping options available from the moment the user arrives on the site.

Use the Thank-you page

When customers buy online, one thing is certain. They have already placed their trust in the website and want to get all the reassurance possible that they have made a good decision. It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to get this reassurance is to make another transaction, whether it is another purchase or just signing up for a newsletter.

For this very reason, it always pays to provide additional suggestions for complementary products on the thank-you page. Or, at the very least, recommend subscribing to your e-mail newsletter. This way users can stay up-to-date with the latest special offers you are proposing.

Looking to January

If someone buys on the store before Christmas, it is a good idea to approach them again during the January sales with a voucher, for example. Also consider starting post-Christmas sales as early as Dec. 25. In fact, the trend of starting online shopping right on Christmas Day is growing. Perhaps while your customers are thinking about how to spend the money they just received. Or – why not! – while they’re trying out their new tablet!

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