Amazon, how many Italian SME’s are on the marketplace?

According to the latest statistics drawn up in the 2021 Report on the Italian SME’s selling on Amazon, published by the same e-commerce giant, at the end of 2020 there were more than 18,000 companies present on the marketplace, busy selling their products on the commercial platform. 4,000 of these exceeded the €100,000 turnover threshold for the first time, whilst the sales of 2,000 of them actually reached and exceeded the 1million euro mark.

Always according to the report, the companies selling on Amazon in 2020 created more than 50,000 jobs and registered more than 600 million euros worth of distance sales. Among the product categories with major success, it is not surprising to see that the Italian SME’s obtained the best performances in sectors such as Home and Kitchen, Health and Personal Care, Cosmetics, Food and Clothing.

At the territorial level, the ranking of the top regions with the highest number of distance sales in 2020 has rewarded above all Lombardy, Campania, Veneto and Lazio. Among the top ten regions most active on the international scene are also Piedmont, Tuscany, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Sicily and Trentino Alto Adige.

We also find that in 2020 the Italian SME’s operating on the marketplace sold more than 80 million products, representing an increase of 30 million items compared to the previous year’s statistics: practically an average of 150 products per minute. The average turnover was slightly over 200.000 euros, roughly 50.000 euros more than the previous year’s annual turnover.

In short, satisfactory numbers that, as such, have drawn the attention and positive comments of several managers of the Italian Amazon marketplace. On the ANSA wire service, for example, Ilaria Zanetti, chief manager of the Italian marketplace, commented that more than half the sales on Amazon were made by the small and medium-sized Italian companies, and therefore they well represent the heart of the local economic recovery and development.

Also pleased is Xavier Flamand, Director of Amazon’s EU Seller Services, who has underlined his commitment to continue to innovate services for SME’s, thus helping them to provide an excellent purchasing experience to their customers.

Regarding investments, as we mentioned in a recent communication, Amazon has confirmed their plans to open new centers in Italy. We are talking about structures that will stimulate overall investments amounting to more than 230 million euros and that will bring the level of the investments made by the marketplace during the last 10 years in our country to over 6 billion euros, thus confirming that Italy plays a central role in Amazon’s plans for strategic growth. The new investments made by Jeff Bezos’ company will create about 1.100 permanent new jobs within three years, in addition to the 8.500 jobs already created by the company in our territory.

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