Amazon Business, what it is and how it works

When you think about selling on Amazon, you usually think of how you can reach a larger range of retail customers in a more efficient and direct manner.
However, besides being dedicated to private consumer sales, Amazon is also a dinamic marketplace where you can reach out to your business clients as well.

So let’s take a look at Amazon Business and discover what it is. We will illustrate its main advantages and explain how you can make the most of all the benefits that this type of service has to offer.

How to sell to your business clients

As you have probably guessed, Amazon Business is an exclusively reserved program for professional Amazon vendors who want to sell to business clients.

As a business vendor, the Amazon user will have access to a whole new set of business clients operating on Jeff Besos’ platform, in addition to all the other retail customers already on the marketplace. These range from small-sized businesses to large multinational companies, from public institutions to no-profit organizations. In short, selling on this special stage is a really convenient way to expand the range of alternatives for concluding business operations. Joining the program also inevitably increases the visibility of its participants who can often propose better business-tailored deals.

What are the features of the Amazon Business service?

Since this proposal is reserved for the business world, Amazon has structured the service to include certain business-dedicated features.

Here is a list of the principal ones:

  • the possibility to make use of the automatic billing with VAT calculation service, which automatically generates the documents related to Amazon orders. The client does not have to worry about manually issuing invoices because the service will do it automatically for him.
  • show prices without VAT for business customers, free of charge and without manual intervention by the seller. This specific feature can undoubtedly lead to an increase in sales opportunities.
  • greater product visibility due to the appropriate certification logo assigned by Amazon and to the better odds of getting listed. The increased visibility will help the seller obtain higher sales conversion rates.
  • better customer segmentation, with exclusive pricing, discounts on multi-unit purchases and other business-targeted solutions, that can be handled separately from the proposals offered to retail customers.

How Amazon Business works

The way Amazon Business works is rather simple.

The first thing you have to do in order to join is sign up as a professional seller. Once you have opened a professional vendor account on the platform, you will have access to a new range of useful features that will allow you to capture, win over and retain business clients.

After that, you can start loading your inventory. You can add your products to Amazon’s catalogue using a simple lean procedure. Or, if you need to bulk upload, you can also use the tools that Amazon puts at your disposal for free.

At this point, it’s advisable to sign up for the VAT calculator service, after filling in your tax information. As we mentioned earlier, Amazon will automatically generate your invoices with VAT amounts and show your business clients the prices net of VAT.

Lastly, you can customize your proposals according to the feeds or the inventory management in Seller Central. The moment a customer places an order, the FBA logistics will help you handle the shipment. (If you use your own fulfillment program, you will handle the shipment on your own.)

And finally, the only thing left to do is receive your payment!

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