Amazon 2024 Bonus for new sellers: over 5,000 euros in benefits!

On March 1, 2024, Amazon launched a new series of incentives for sellers who register on its platform for the first time. It’s a highly competitive promotional offer that the American company has already successfully tested in previous years and intends to renew with even more convenient benefits. It aims at encouraging undecided vendors to join the marketplace’s seller network by granting them greater margins to increase the profitability of their first online business experiences.

But what do the new Amazon 2024 bonuses for sellers consist of?

We have summarized them in the following lines. In the meantime, we welcome all our readers to contact us for more information on how to benefit from Amazon!

Who can benefit from Amazon’s new incentives?

The conditions to be eligible for Amazon’s new incentives are quite simple. In fact, it is sufficient for the seller to:

  • have listed their first product available for purchase with ASIN as of March 1, 2024
  • be registered as a professional seller.

And for those who completed these activities before March 1, 2024? There’s no need to worry. They can still take advantage of the incentive packages that Amazon had allocated with the previous program. You can get more details directly from Seller Central.

Sales Commission Discount

So now let’s see what the 2024 benefits consist of. The first and most lucrative one is reserved for those who become Amazon sales partners by signing up on the commercial platform for the first time and completing registration in the Brand Registry within 6 months. They will be able to enjoy a 10% discount on the commissions they have to pay to the site on the first 45,000 euros worth of sales during the first year.

As a result, you essentially get an additional 10% margin on the initial sales volume on Amazon, with a benefit that will surely please anyone approaching online selling and wants additional concrete support to make their activities more profitable.

But that’s not all. In addition to this initial contribution and after having reached the €45.000 threshold, the new seller will be able to enjoy a 5% discount on the commissions owed to Amazon on the tier up to the threshold of 900,000 euros (that is, an additional 855,000 euros of “beneficial” turnover), or during the first year of eligibility, whichever event occurs first.

incentivi amazon 2024

Credits for Use on Amazon Vine

In addition to the above, Amazon also recognizes 180 euros in credits to use for joining Amazon Vine. We remind our readers that Vine is the program that allows selected users to test their products in order to collect reviews and feedback from Amazon customers.

To access this extra bonus, in addition to completing registration in the Brand Registry within the established deadlines, it is necessary to sign up for Vine within 90 days after becoming eligible for brand benefits. If not used, Vine credits will expire after one year.

Benefits in Amazon Logistics

However, the good news doesn’t end here. New sellers who create and ship their first shipment with Amazon Logistics to a company logistics center within 90 days after posting their offer will receive:

  • 90 euros in credits for shipping inventory through the Amazon Affiliate Postal Program. Alternatively, 180 euros in credits for management fees through Amazon Global Logistics
  • automatic registration in the Program for the new choice of Amazon Logistics. The benefit guarantees for new eligible ASINs offered in Amazon Logistics
    • monthly storage
    • return processing
    • free disposals
  • waiver of surcharge for storage usage. The advantage is valid for the first 365 days from the first date of receipt of inventory managed by Amazon Logistics;
  • waiver of the low inventory fee (PANEU). The benefit is valid for the first 365 days from the first date of activation of the Pan-European program.
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Advertising Benefits

The incentives mentioned above would likely be enough to pique the interest of those who are not yet Amazon sellers. However, the marketplace wanted to do even more.

In summary, new sellers who use Sponsored Products within 90 days will receive 45 euros in promotional clicks to use in the program. This service is very useful as it helps customers find your products more quickly by displaying them in related search results and on product pages.

Additionally, you can get another 45 euros in coupon credits. You can use these to create promotions for customers in your Amazon store.

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