Summer holidays: best-seller products

The summer holidays are coming into full swing. For Amazon sellers this means a big opportunity to sell utility products to vacationers who want to make their holidays more comfortable and as memorable as possible.

But what are the best products to sell for the 2023 summer vacations? And how can you improve your chances of getting great selling results?

The best products to sell for the summer holidays

In the run-up to the peak of the summer holidays, selling the right products on Amazon can make a big difference for your turnover.

For this reason why we have listed the 5 items whose sales boost during the summer season. These are the products that can make the fortune of your winning product portfolio.

Portable Bluetooth speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers allow you to take your favourite music wherever you go. Whether you’re playing your media by the pool or at the beach, in your car or hotel,  makes no difference. These compact, rechargeable or mains-powered speakers are essential for a summer of entertainment.

Waterproof covers for smartphones

Even when traveling to the best destinations, it is very difficult to do without your smartphone, an ever-present at the pool or beach. In order to capture all your memorable moments without worrying about water damage, and also to keep your mobile phone safe at all times, a waterproof case cover is a real must.

Travel cooler

Travel coolers also sell in large quantities during the summer season. Keeping drinks and snacks cool during hot summer days, in the car or at the beach, is usually a top priority. Perfect for picnics in the park or on road trips, a thermally insulated bag will ensure the best comfort for vacationers.

Portable power bank

An item that will surely delight all smartphone owners is a portable power bank. To prevent your cell phone from running out of power at the last minute, when you may be shooting a video to send to friends, a portable power bank is just what you need!

Lightweight beach towel

The last item in our list is a lightweight beach towel. A soft, easy-to-dry towel that is essential when you want to relax in the sun. The lighter more compact models are generally the most preferred.

How to sell products for the summer season on Amazon

Now that we have identified the best products to sell, you may wonder which strategies need to be implemented in order to maximize sales. Well, the guidelines are not very different from the ones we have suggested several times in these past months when dealing with other product sectors!

The first step is to make sure your product listings are optimized for search by incorporating relevant keywords in the title, bullet points and product description.

Then, you should consider investing in the advertising options offered by Amazon by targeting specific keywords related to summer vacations, such as “beach items” or “travel accessories.” Also, keep in mind that customer reviews also play a key role in influencing purchase decisions on Amazon. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews through a positive after-sales experience will help create an encouraging feedback base.

Another strategy that is particularly effective is to offer promotions or discounts on summer vacation products. Flash deals and coupons are likely to attract shoppers hunting for bargains during this particular part of the year.

Wishing a great summer and great sales to all our Amazon sellers!

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