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The comprehensive solution to simplify and automate your Amazon tax management


Vat returns ready to go

A monthly report for every EU country with:

national and intra-community (OSS) sales

B2B and B2C sales

inbound and outbound product transfers in the pan-european program

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Daily Takings

Automated daily revenue registration

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Don’t waste your time and let ZonWizard generate the daily takings book of your Amazon sales applying the correct vat rate for each transaction. It prevents human errors and it’s always up to date with the latest vat regulations.

Daily Takings: May-2021
Jurisdic. DE
VAT Rate 19%
Jurisdic. DE
VAT Rate 7%
Jurisdic. IT
VAT Rate 22%
Jurisdic. IT
VAT Rate 10%
Jurisdic. FR
VAT Rate 20%
Jurisdic. ES
VAT Rate 21%
31,55 €
433,15 €
11,54 €
34,15 €
313,51 €
73,74 €
897,64 €
10,45 €
43,15 €
63,54 €
125,66 €
55,71 €
11,74 €
310,25 €
91,52 €
64,56 €
-15,54 €
51,36 €
67,11 €
66,80 €
325,81 €
31,99 €
73,87 €
61,23 €
64,77 €
74,74 €
53,54 €
359,14 €
11,32 €
41,15 €
14,12 €
-32,99 €
213,11 €
63,12 €
309,83 €
71,39 €
210,16 €
22,64 €
64,25 €
53,80 €
73,00 €
495,24 €
Invoices (excluded)

Keep all your invoices and credits notes organized in one place.
Find them quickly with a powerful search function and download them with a click.


Organized invoices and credit notes

Invoices and Credit Notes
Order No.
Invoice No.
27,95 €
4,46 €
-24,54 €
-3,90 €
27,59 €
4,46 €
232,20 €
37,10 €
22,45 €
3,58 €
31,94 €
5,10 €
One Stop Shop

An eye on intra-community sales

Easily monitor your distance sales, and don’t worry because we will send you a notification if you get close to the €10K threshold. And if your products are stored and shipped from a country where you don’t have a vat registration you’ll be notified as well.

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Distance Sales Threshold
EUROPE : 9.233,80 €
EU flag
Intra-community Sales
GERMANY : 5.221,33 €
FRANCE: 3.145,76 €
ITALY : 2.877,20 €
SPAIN : 1.105,53 €
And more
Connect your accountant

Give your accountant direct access to verify your settings and download the tax documents.

Non-Amazon Sales

If you have your own e-commerce or sell on other marketplaces you can add these sales to your daily takings.

Tax Documents Email

You will receive a monthly email with all your tax documents.

Tax compliance with our partner

Need foreign vat registrations or tax return filings? Do it with our partner at a discounted price.

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Prices from € 7.00/mo

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Your business success depends on your decisions, so make the right ones based on real data

Profit Dashboard

Capture your entire business performance at a glance

Having a clear picture of your margins is the key to staying one step ahead of the competition.
ZonWizard Profit crunches tons of Amazon reports and converts them into a captivating dashboard that highlights the fundamental KPI’s.

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amazon profit charts
reviews and feedback

Automate review requests

Reviews are one of the main factor for product ranking and conversions. With ZonWizard you can automatically send review requests for all of your orders and apply smart rules that help increase  positive ratings on your products.

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Profit Comparison

Bet on the winners

Not always does your best seller give you the best profit. 
Compare products, brands, categories and marketplaces to discover what gives you the highest returns and what’s not meeting your expectations.
Adjust your sales strategy to maximize your profits.

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profit comparison table
amazon product details

Is the price right?

Selling at the right price can make all the difference.
Use the product details page to help you assign the perfect price for each marketplace with its specific fees and cost of good sold.
You can even set a low profit threshold to receive a notification if the margin falls below it.

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Each order counts

In the order list section you can check the profit made on every single sale with the detailed cost breakdown. You can quickly filter by fulfillment (FBA or FBM), promotions and refunds.

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amazon order list
DO even more

Extras and utilities

ZonWizard features are constantly increasing and expanding.
Check out all the software capabilities.

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Financial Statement

If you like numbers this is for you.  Income and expenses breakdowns available on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Track all expenses

Add your external expenses to ZonWizard to get a thorough balance of your business in a single place.

Refund reasons and customer comments

Discover why your customers ask for refunds and never miss out on their comments.

Downloadable Reports

All source data are downloadable in Excel format, just in case you need to go further with your analysis.


Make data driven decisions

ZonWizard will show you how to make your business successful

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ZonWizard mobile
ZonWizard tools for


Take advantage of the in-depth analytics to optimize every detail of your Amazon business

stock levels

Mind the stock levels

An advanced algorithm based on sales velocity and storage costs will give you the optimal stock and reorder quantity for each product. This will make you save on logistic costs with no risk of running out of stock.

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missing inventory

Get the refunds you are entitled to

Recover the full value of your lost and damaged FBA inventory.  With pre-filled templates quickly open claims and attach the supporting documentation provided by ZonWizard. Getting refunds has never been easier.

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amazon customer details

Get to know your customers

Finally you have the opportunity and the means to explore your customers’ behaviour. Discover their buying habits, recurring purchases and lifetime value to laser target your marketing campaigns.

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amazon seller performance
Seller Performance

Watch your account metrics

The good health of your selling account is crucial to the success of your business. So, carefully check your performance metrics, and make the necessary adjustments at the first symptoms of weakness.

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And more
Low stock notifications

You’ll be notified to reorder each product based on its specific supply time.

Unsellable stock

Keep an eye on your unsellable stock and check if you are entitled to a refund.

Stock value and revenue forecast

Know how much money is tied up in the warehouse with a forecast of potential revenue at the current selling prices

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Join the top sellers today

Optimize every aspect of your sales process

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