Amazon Black Friday 2023

Since the commercial trend of Black Friday has exploded worldwide, Amazon has become a reference point for end-of-November discounted sales. It’s certainly no coincidence that the e-commerce giant focuses on Black Friday to revitalize its sales in this crucial part of the year. Sellers, especially those in the consumer electronics sector, can enjoy the opportunity to achieve a significant increase in their annual turnover.

But what is Amazon’s Black Friday? When is it scheduled to take place in 2023? And how should you properly prepare for the event?

What is Amazon’s Black Friday and when is it scheduled?

Black Friday in the United States refers to the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November. Traditionally, in the USA, Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and the associated sales. The name “Black Friday” seems to reference the fact that this is when retailers’ accounting books historically transitioned from “red” (loss) to “black” (profit).

While the origin of the name is somewhat uncertain, what is certain is that this is the central period for commercial strategies focused on end of the year sales. This year it coincides with Friday, November 24.

However, as per Amazon’s usual practice, it’s reasonable to expect that the discounted sales may start a bit earlier. They’ll probably begin around the 17th or 18th of November and continue until the end of the week, culminating in Cyber Monday on November 27.

How does Black Friday work on Amazon

Taking advantage of Amazon’s Black Friday offers is straightforward, and marketplace customers don’t even need to be Prime members. It’s enough to be registered on Amazon. Traditionally, Prime customers have a 30-minute head start on lightning deals.

Regarding discounted products, Amazon’s Black Friday typically encompasses a wide range of items. However, there is an strong emphasis on technology due to its proximity to Cyber Monday.

How to prepare for Amazon’s Black Friday as a seller

Black Friday is a golden opportunity for consumers, and consequently, it’s also a great opportunity for anyone involved in sales. If you want to sell more and increase your return on investment (ROI), it’s essential to approach this event with the right strategy.

For this reason, we’ve prepared 5 practical suggestions for you in the following lines.

Don’t be caught unprepared

To best reach your customers and also find new ones, it’s wise to act in advance and not be caught unprepared.

Ideally, you should kickstart your Black Friday marketing campaign at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Vary your promotional strategy and implement lead generation actions to obtain genuinely interested new contacts. These will be useful for subsequent retargeting and email marketing campaigns.

Have a clear offer to present

If you want successful Black Friday marketing campaigns, it’s essential to clearly and unequivocally define the commercial offer to present to buyers.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. It’s crucial to gather existing data and past campaign data. Define which products might be the most interesting to feature in your marketing efforts and what kind of commercial proposition to develop. In fact, there are numerous tactics you could employ in this context. For example, from discounts to product bundles, from special giveaways to dedicated packages.

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Exclusive bundles for Black Friday

A category of specific products or exclusive bundles for Black Friday are often what you need to boost sales. This tactic will increase the average user spending by offering a complete package of products at discounted prices.

These offers can often be put together with small adjustments. Positive results, on the other hand, should not be long in coming.

Recover abandoned carts

As is well-known, abandoned carts are one of the things online sellers most often focus. They continuously seek information on the reasons that led potential buyers to abandon the checkout process after adding products to their cart. Their aim is obviously to understand how to recover these potential sales.

Therefore, trying to recover abandoned carts, especially during Black Friday, through discount announcements and promotions, is something that could encourage users to complete the purchase process.

Don’t forget about SEO

The final piece of advice, but certainly not the least important, is related to SEO. It is always advisable to create content entirely dedicated to Black Friday. This will maintain your positioning and create a sense of urgency focused on this special event.

Wishing you great Black Friday sales!

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