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File taxes in no time with automated accounting reports and documents

Clear KPI, charts and metrics: profitability at a glance

In-depth analytics to optimize every aspect of the sales process

Fast and expert customer support, focused on your business success

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We are expert data analysts

We know how to extract useful information from your sales data and make it actionable to you

We are seller friendly

Seller Central could be a complicated maze to get through, so we build a simple interface where you can easily find everything you need

We listen to you

Software upgrades and new features are often created based on customer feedback

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I have reduced the time I spend on doing my accounting, and improved my sales performance thanks to ZonWizard’s clear analyses.
Igor Sabetti

Amazon Seller

The dashboard is set up really well, a simple glance at the charts and I can get a clear view of my market distribution, revenues and profits.
Sara Lanzoni

Amazon Account Manager

One of the features that I really appreciate is the possibility to see the statistics of the reasons for the returns of each single product. This allows me to make an in-depth analysis of the customer’s perception of my products.
Fabio Marchi

Amazon Seller

The tool is in constant evolution, and the software developers are always eager to exchange information with the sellers in order to keep improving this fantastic tool.
Enrico Rossetti

Amazon Seller

To make a long story short: I was very comfortable with it from the start, everything very clear and simple ... Excellent all-around. Very well designed! Top!

E-comm Company

Thank you, this software saves me a lot of time, it is clear and easy to use. I am very satisfied

Amazon Account Manager

Very easy to navigate, simple and understandable... 🔝 Any data obtainable.
Massimo Monetti

Amazon Seller

I wouldn't know what to do without it, really a great tool and very useful. Plus if you have any doubts Support is always helpful and quick to respond.
Valerio Cirri

Amazon Seller

Very useful Great tool I have been using it for a couple of years on Amazon seller. The support service fast and always available. Easy to use makes work easier ...very convenient. I recommend it!
Elisa Areni

Amazon Seller

I've been using ZonWizard for a long time. It's very useful for not wasting time with documents to deliver to my accountant. With the new feedback request tool I have eliminated another application and reduced costs. So I would say TOP!!!
Marco Poli

Amazon Seller

A must-have software for selling on Amazon, automating tax aspects and saving time to spend on other aspects of your business.
Fabio Graziosi

International Amazon Seller

Excellent tool essential for Amazon sellers. In addition, Zonwizard is continuously being enriched with new and very useful features. Very knowledgeable and courteous support. Recommended!
Franco Olivieri

Amazon Seller

Great product I recommend it Especially for those who joined Amazon's Paneuropean. It helps you 100%
Filomena Morello

Amazon Entrepreneur

An absolutely indispensable software for accounting management especially, but not only, with reference to Oss, abroad in general. Very quick and courteous assistance, I would definitely repurchase it!
Sgarlata Furniture

Amazon Retailer

The best software for management control and administrative management for Amazon Simple and intuitive interface; Very smooth software. Reports well done. Invoice management great!

Amazon Account Manager

Perfect!!! I have been using the service for two years and it is simply an incredible convenience. Zero problems and no waste of time with the management aspects. Highly recommended!
Stefano Luppi

Amazon Account Manager


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Frequent Questions

Can I try ZonWizard for free?

Yes, of course you can! As soon as you subscribe to one of our payment plans you get a 14-day free trial period completely free of charge.

How can I cancel my subscription?

 You can cancel your subscription at any time in the payments section of the app or by contacting our support team via email (

Is ZonWizard retroactive?

The ZonWizard Accounting tool will load historical data as from the 1st of January of the current year. If you create an account in January or February, the tool will access data dating three months back. The ZonWizard Profits and Analytics tool will always access and load data three months back.

Does ZonWizard connect to my Amazon account?

Yes, ZonWizard uses the Amazon MWS API protocol to access your sales data. This is the standard method for exchanging data between Amazon and third party applications. You can authorize ZonWizard to access your data or revoke the authorization at any moment in Seller Central.

Are my data safe?

Yes, absolutely! We only keep the information necessary to generate reports and to furnish our services and nothing more. All information gathered is stored and safeguarded in accordance with the relative standards. We will never analize, sell or distribute your data, nor will we ever use them other than for the exclusive functioning of our software. Please read our terms of service for further details.

Which marketplaces are supported?

At present ZonWizard supports all the European marketplaces (,,,,,,,,

I have more than one Amazon account, can I connect all of them?

Yes, you can connect multiple accounts to the same user. The application will show aggregate data for all the accounts.

Is there a guide for ZonWizard?

Yes, you can find guides for specific topics in the Academy Tutorial section.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for?

Please send us a message and we will answer all your questions


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